Problem with combining

Hi, new to the CNC world and am trying to cut this out, I want the letters to attach to the outer circle with just one cutting path but when I combine it just fills the whole space, any ideas?

temporarily set all your cuts to “fill”, this will show you what it’s actually trying to combine. if after you’ve done this you don’t have a single outer ring, you’ll want to recreate that part as two overlapped circles (with the inner circle being zero depth of cut), then once the correct shapes are showing you can combine and change the cut type to “outline”.

there’s a simplified example here
the one on the left is before combining (it has two circles and a letter as parts), and on the right is the combined version with the cut type set to outline

Thanks for your reply unfortunately I just can’t get it to work, I’ll keep at it, thanks again.

if you can share the project it might be easier to see what going wrong.

one small side note. Easel’s combine doesn’t work with the line tool, only shapes/fonts. I assume that also includes imported SVGs that are set as lines rather than shapes.

Ahhhh I think that’s my problem then I’m trying to combine text that I imaged traced because I don’t like the font on easel, how would I get around this?

hmmm I just tried this with a random jpg sample (import>websearch>a>first result) and it gave me a combinable object with both outline selected and not…

… the only thing I can imagine is that the text in the image you are using is too thin and has disconnects ( I don’t know what limits Easel might have for line widths), or possibly created as an outline before importing? If either of these is the case, perhaps try creating the original image with either thicker lines, or in the latter case as a filled font before importing, import is as a filled shape, combine, and then set as outline.

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Hi Avril,

If you share the link to your Easel project, someone could take a look and have a better idea of what your problem might be. Flick on “File / Share” then click “Shared with link” and paste the link here.


Thanks Jeff,

here is the link

you need to click on File > Share > Share with link > Save
; )