Problem with extract sub path app

I have a square with corner radius of 178 degrees. when I try to bring it to extract sub path app it will not carry over the radius (they go back to 90 degree corners). any ideas how I can fix this.
any help is appreciated, thank you,

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Try this:
Add an extra shape, like a square.
Move it to away from the design
Set it to 0 depth
Select this new 0 depth Square and your other existing shape with the 178deg angle
Then with both selected go to Edit>Combine

Combining with a 0 depth item will erase the 0 depth item and convert the other shape from a shape tool into a Vector and then when you use the Extract Subpath app it should work correctly.

Hello Seth,
thank you for your advise. it seems to have done the trick.
I look forward to watching your YT videos.

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