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Problem with metric bit

I’ve got a problem with custom set metric routerbits . I’ve tried to cut a circle with 60mm (cutting outside was sat) with a 1mm bit. but it came out with around 58-59 mm . In several try’s it was missing from 1-2mm … Did someone else got these issues?

Regards Jochen

Is your machine calibrated?
Do a 200mm jog = 200mm distance travelled?

Do you make the design in Easel or other software?

The design is made in easel… no im new the hobby I did no calibration… :grimacing: how can I do this?

Take a fine point bit and a ruler, lay the ruler down along the axis to be tested.
Move the bit to ruler 0 point, then command a jog command of some length, say 200mm and measure the actual travel.

If there is a discrepancy between commanded and measured distance some fine calibration will be needed. Until this is established there is no point in chasing the “missing 1-2mm” elsewhere :slight_smile:

Ok thank you!