Problem with Z limit switch when trying to set up machine to Home

I have checked all the wiring and it seems to be correct… When I go to home the machine the Z axis first engages and hits the limit switch and does not stop. It just mashes the switch. I have checked continuity between Z axis switch and G board. Is it possible I already damaged switch? Once I stop the test I have no way of knowing if the other switches work.

When you initially setup your machine in easel, did you enable the homing switches?

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Thanks for the response. Have not had any time yet to further troubleshoot.

Z limit switch working. Y limit switch does not respond.

Check the switch at the switch terminals. Check your wiring. Check the soldered in pins on the gShield for cold or bad solder connection.

How about X?

Having issues with the connection of the “limit switches” on the gShield, but there’s no clearance on my housing to attempt taking the board out to check and solder up again.

Played around for hours to get the Z to home out, and its definitely the connection to the gShield, just can’t attempt taking it off because it’s going to break something. Really ought to rethink the way it assembles… frustrating frustrating frustrating.

Otherwise I’d suggest Inventables assemble the power supply/motion control before hand, so the customer just needs to hook everything up to it, would save a lot of headaches if you prove out and put together this portion.

Hello everyone… sorry for being away so long and not replying and keeping progress up to date. My job keeps me away from home and my shop for weeks at a time while I am on location in the Florida Keys.

My switch problems were solved when I realized that I had a bad solder joint and the G Shield was not seating properly on the Arduino. I was so excited to finally be able to home the machine and try a test cut.

Since than after tightening belts, adjusting concentric nuts, tightening I am having problems with my Y axis. It freezes after a few jogs back and forth. All the V Wheels are spinning as they should, no debris, have checked wiring. I also tweaked the power on the motor and raised it. Is it possible I have raised power too much?

I have ordered the X box controller and I am eagerly awaiting. So far the X carve has been much frustration and has been keeping me from getting any guitar building done…

It is possible to have it too high. As crude rule of thumb I think that the pointer on the potentiometer should be between the 11 and 12 o’clock position. Try setting it half way between 11 and 12 and see what the results are.

As to the frustration, this is a good machine, but being on the leadnig edge of low cost devices there is a learning curve to get it set up properly. Also, most people who are buying this machine are new to CNC equipment and at this time there is no such thing as a plug-and-play CNC machine.

Lot’s to learn.

Thanks for the help everyone. Adjusting the motors was the trick. I have been able to start a few projects! Thanks to all!