Problems while assembling the workarea


i bought a x-carve 1000 (2022) and i have problems to assemble the workarea.

the outer frame alu extrusion is 2x20mm wide. the lenght of the inner alu extrusion is 898mm long, so the wide of the work area is 938mm.

the 4 MDF waste boards are 220mm wide. the 3 tee tracks between are 20mm wirde. 4x220+3x20=940mm

the MDF Backboard ist 942mm wide.

My question? Whats the correct size? 938mm,940mm or 942mm?

Best regards, Christian

maybe some pictures explain my problem better:

your wasteboard appears to be assembled correctly.
Almost al dimensions listed are accurate, except the BackBoard has a dimension of 940 on the drawing…
However there is no tolerance listed on this drawing, so it is possible that it is 2mm longer as you indicated and still conform to the released drawing.

However the discrepancies you’ve noted will not cause an issue with assembly or operation of the machine. You are safe to continue the assembly.


i tooked the pictures from the manual ;-). They are not from my maschine. I put them in for better understanding. i disasembled my workarea because it was not square!

i looked again at the pictures in the manual. it looks, that there is a gap between the outer frame and the inner alu extrusion. So the wide must be 940mm (wasteboards and tee tracks wide) or 942mm MDF backboard wide.

is the mdf backboard 2mm to wide or are the wastboards together 2mm to short?

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They are as designed. Yes, there is a 2mm difference

I found drawings for the MDF Backboard an the Waste Boards. The wide of the Backboard (1000mm X-Carve Modular Waste Board Kit | Inventables) must be 940mm and NOT 942. So i will cut 2mm away from the Backboard.