Problems with creating an Offset with a Logo

Ok I’m having an issue trying to create a logo to engrave into my product. I have created it Inkscape, with the letters just overlying the back layer of the logo.Trying to get the treasure Cove to be in offset with the back board layer. I’m just not getting the different steps to make it work. Ive watched the videos from PAW PAW and other videos and it’s just not working. The board in the back layer is not being cut out, it’s just a creator tag. for product. Please if anyone can help me understand this process to make It work. If you need my email so we can communicate then please let me know. Thanks in advance.

Treasure Cove Logo

What do you mean by


Maybe I didn’t say it right, Sorry. I’m trying to get the letters Treasure Cove to be all one solid piece. When the Letters extend through the back layer (being the Board) Its cutting through I don’t want the board cutting through the letters. Hope that helps.

If I understand, try this (sorry… Saw this too late and headed to bed or I’d show you)

  1. Make sure text is a path and all combined.
  2. Make sure the board outline is one path.
  3. Duplicate text.
  4. Outset duplicate text with Ctrl+)
  5. Do a difference with that outset text and the board

Not sure if your experience. I can explain more and show you tomorrow

Thanks, Neil,
for your help and no worries. I’ve had this Pro now for a few months, so I apologize early for not knowing the correct terminology. I’ve got #1-3 done, but 4 & 5 I’m not making any sense of it, but I’ll keep studying it. whenever you have time, I appreciate it. I’ll be monitoring the chat.

Did you get this figured out?
I combined the letters and you had 2 different backgrounds.
It looks like you did an offset around the original one.


I added what I was picturing to the bottom of @RussellCrawford’s.

SVG:Treasure Cove Logo2.svg


Thank you both. but can you please explain how it was done please so I could understand it thanks.


Which version?

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