Problems with cutting depth on X-Carve

Full disclosure, I am a new X-Carve user.

I have had good luck so far with engraving but cutting things out has been a bit of a struggle. Out of 6 attempts, five cut too deep and one didn’t cut deep enough. I am wondering if my collet and bit setup is causing an issue. I can’t find anywhere that suggests a proper depth the bit should be up inside the collet or the collet adapter. I’ve moved the bit around a bit inside the collet but i feel like i am just punching in the dark.

Im entering in the material depth using the calipers and using tabs but so far it just cuts through the tabs and into the waste board.

Thanks in advance

How are you setting your Z-AXIS zero for your workpiece? The depth of the bit in the collet shouldn’t be affecting the cut depth (unless it’s bit properly tightened). Just make sure you can still see all of the cutting surface, or flute.

Im touching it to the surface of the material like the instructions tell me to. It always asks me if I want it to raise the bit and I always do that. I thought about shaving a little off the depth the calipers give me but I don’t like just guessing on that depth.

Assuming you’re cutting wood, it could just be variations in the wood thickness. if you measure right where you just cut out, is that the thickness you entered. If you’re barely skimming your wasteboard, just thicken your tabs. If you’re plunging deep into the wasteboard, there’s a different problem. If you really want to preserve your waste board, add a sacrificial board under your workpiece or even construction paper. If you decide to try something other than Easel, there are other options.

If you havent skimmed your work surface now is the time to do that. Skimming is putting a sacrifiscal board on top and running a wide bit / 80% stepover over the entire work surface. This will even the height and make sure the surface is truly parallell relative to Z-height.

I have my depth of cut set to 1/8 in but my machine is cutting my fonts about 5/8 in into 3/4 in cedar. I planed the cedar myself its 3/4 in thick. I have changed the settings three times in easel and it is still cutting almost to the waste board. PLEASE HELP, this cedar ain’t cheap.


  • Open Easel Jog pane, and measure the actual travel of your Z when you command a 1" up or down motion. What do you measure?

I didn’t know I was supposed to home the z axis every time. I’m new to this.

Please elaborate.
You dont have to zero the Z every time, but its task dependant.

Can you test and verify that a 1" jof = a 1" travel?
Let uss establish what work first, then focus on what doesnt :slight_smile: