Problems with Easel is this a software issue or my mistake

Trying to make a logo in easel and come across a problem. I have a template of a saw blade which i wanted to write over but didn’t want the font clash with the template underneath so i created a box under the font to stop this as can be shown on the left plan side of easel but looking at the right the tool paths cross over. I cried the cut and failed not checking the tool paths first.

My second issue is that i cut and paste the saw blade template in from adobe illustrator and stupidly trashed the original file. i am now unable to cut and paste from easel to another program or save file. Any help would be great as its driving me mad thanks

You know what? I think you found a (newish?) bug in Easel. I know what you’re trying to do used to work fine, but I just recreated the issue:

Any idea @JeffTalbot ?

Any ideas on the cut and paste and transfering objects out of easel into other programs? Hopefully someone from inventables will be along to give advice or a fix.

As for the cut and paste… I’ve had good luck copy/pasting from one Easel tab to another, but not from a different program (in either direction).

Make a box where you don’t want the saw blade part cut. Set it to depth 0. Select the box and the saw image. Go to edit-combine.

This will cut out the section of the saw that you don’t want cut.

I believe what is happening is the text box makes it appear on the left that it is not going to cut there. But the image/tool path still exists underneath.