Problems with exact outer cut

Hello, I just made a table and made an 18mm cut with the option of “cut outside Shape” so that I would have 18mm … but I am left with 15mm, so I had to do the piece again, adding the 3mm missing along all pieces. I am occupying a “bit 1/8 in.

Anyone know how to fix… this is software or a other problem

Two things came to mind. But nether one would account for 3mm, but both together might. If you’re zeroing in the lower left corner the zero is at the center of the bit. (half the bit past the left edge and half the bit past the bottom edge. The other is a mistake I make on occasion. Telling the machine I’m using a 1/8th bit when I’m really using a 3mm bit.

How do you have it set to cut? Inside, outside or on path

Hi, only use a cut outside :thinking:

Hi Richard, Sorry for not answering … but I was preparing another project

check the information, I’m ok with the bits

  • use a 1/8 in. or 3.175 mm shank diameter drill bit
  • but I don’t understand about axis 0 … you have more information


for the left side of your cut use outside, for the right of your cut use inside.

Hand written result “Result”

R side of the project use outside
T side of the project use inside

For your center area of your project you are cutting on the wrong side of the line, should be inside.

I update my problem, i cut a test.
-carve in Y lost 2mm
-carve in X lost 1mm

The problem now is always edit a svg file for exact sizes.


I try to check.

Your picture show severe deflection, your cut parameters (bit/feed/depth per pass) exceed the rigidity of your machine.

Yes, i torture the machine a little… 4mm depth and 1600 feed… :no_mouth:
if you cut a 188mm ply what bit/feed/depth per pass recommend…

I can only suggest you go less deep per pass. Since I dont have any rpm/bit details I can not comment on feedrates :slight_smile: