Problems with making tight cuts

Hi folks,

I have been using my X-carve for quite some time now, cutting all kinds of figures and shapes. All coming out quite nice. Lately (yesterday) I tried making a tapped box with the use of a SVG created at a online generator. The cuts are perfect in shape, however the tabs do not fit tight together. I am using a 3,175mm single-flute bit, which seems to be running smothely through the wood.

Does anyone have any experience with such a problem?

I made a test-cut to make sure it wasnt the generated file which caused the problem. And it was not.

Any help would be appreciated, Thanks :blush:

The bit may not be exactly 3,175 mm. If the bit size is off a little, it will make the joints too tight or too loose…depends on if the bit is oversized or too small.

Have you measured the bit?

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I had the same thougt, however these Bits are increable hard to measure. I did however try to change the bit size in Cut2D to a few different sizes (between 3,00mm to 3,30mm) and it did not change the outcome. Maybe I should try a different bit that I more easily can measure?

Did you verify the thickness of the plywood?

If you want to know the exact size, drill a hole or cut a slot and measure it. All bits are Undersized.


@NAM37 I did, and it measure 12mm excatly, so that was not the problem :slight_smile:

@cncrockstar Thanks for the advice! I made a hole, and measure it for around 3.5mm, quite more than 3.175mm as the seller claimed. I have tried making a new test-example and it fits much better! I will try make a new box later, and see how it turns out :slight_smile: :thumbsup:

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If it’s larger than you expect, check runout. Make sure the but is straight in the collet.