Problems with Oramask Adhesive

Curious if anyone else is experiencing this issue?

I’m having a lot of problems with Oramask 813 adhesive coming off of the mask and remaining on my project.
I’ve tried Oramask 813, 811, and 810s. Most of my previous problems were related to the solvent in the"rattle cans" making its way through the vinyl mask and creating a similar problem. Oramask 810s solved the solvent problem but it’s “tackiness” was to weak for CNC work.

On this attempt, I did not paint over the mask as the router bit was too dull and did a very poor job.
When removing the (unpainted) mask, as you can see from the pictures below, the Oramask 813 adhesive remained.

Here, I can even lift up a portion of the adhesive and pull it off, which tells me that the paint / polyurethane on the sign did not compromising the Oramask adhesive.

The other sections are stuck good, There is no removing the adhesive without also damaging the painted finish.

I’ve experienced this from multiple rolls of Oramask sourced from a variety of suppliers.
I’m at a loss as to alternative approaches. Any suggestions would be appreciated!