Problems with x carve

So I tightend my belt, adjusted the v wheels and did the calibration test but it’s still not cutting out all the way through and my measurements wernt correct in the test, I have been told I can edit my steps per mm but I have no idea how , I am new to this and barely know the lingo for parts etc as I didn’t build the machine I bought it second hand, I have come to a dead end and contemplate burning the machine in a dark alley way at midnight if I can’t solve the problem, if I do something as simple as carve a circle from easel it’s a very sloppy carve and when I do letters it randomly carved a line next to the dot in the “I”

First of all, you say you bought it 2nd hand - what is the size of your motors and what controller do you have?
Are the motors 1,7" or 2,3" wide (not length) ?

Power supply with Shield on top:


Retrieving GRBL parameters and editing them is easy enough, do you use Easel?

By the looks of it you are loosing steps along the way, the info requested above may shed light on the reasons to that.

Yes I have the top picture with shield on top

Motors 1.7" or 2.3" wide?
Have you calibrated the stepper current limit of the stepper drivers?
Not talking about steps/mm which calibrate the distance, but the amperage limit/power the motors receive

I have not no, but the guy before me could have not sure

Motors 1.7" or 2.3" wide?

You are loosing steps, this can be from many different reasons - or a combination of several.
We need input in order to give you a good answer, with good input we can suggest the proper workflow to get you were you want to be - carving with confidence.

Do I just measure the box? Sorry could be a stupid question

Measure the width of the rear plate on your motors, 1.7 or 2.3" wide?

Reasons for loosing steps:

  • pulley/pinions slip on the motor shafts
  • Feed rates and acceleration values too high/fast
  • Current limiter for the stepper drivers are set too high causing over-temperature shutdown for that axis
  • Mechanical friction
  • Depending on the job, motors may be on the weak side.

Sorry I’m away from home for the next couple of days I messaged the previous owner of the xc to see what size motor it is, thanks for the input so far will get back to you as soon as I know

All you need is a ruler or calliper :slight_smile:

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It is a 2.3"