Production Router as a Spindle

Hey Everyone,

I’ve seen what everyone has been doing about those 300w spindles.
Lots of compact routers, the water cooled one is pretty cool, and the hitachi seems to do the trick.

I’ve seen this one and was pretty interested in doing a build for the x-carve.

uses the milwaukee 5625-20 motor
since it’s made for a router table the speed control is removed from the motor housing and has a external designated control box.
Cant find an official weight of just the motor but ive made estimations that it’s around ~9 lbs (amazon shipping weight 14.78 lbs - (estimated weight of speed control ~1.25lbs - estimated weight for cast aluminum fixed base router handles ~3.5lbs))

ive seen this on forums

and cedar rapids sells something like this:

I’m just asking about the feasibility of this on an x-carve. I have the Nema 23 stepper motors and a the acme lead rod so my holding torque numbers add up. but would i be looking at any intense rigidity modifcations? (other than a steel plate between the x axis rails.

dont intend to make my machine looks like this:

I’d think you’re going to be way too heavy without serious mods. I have the DeWalt on mine, and there’s already a noticable tilt to the motor mount. Perhaps adding the steel spline between the two rails… But I think the DeWalt is about the perfect amount of power for this. Going larger I think you’d have too much flex in the frame to use anyway.

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Agreed any heavier and you would need to do quite a bit.