Programming radius cuts

Is there a way to break a circle into segments or create a line with a specified radius? I only want to cut a section of the circle

Try node editing, as I recall that will work.

Thanks I have been playing with the node editing, it isn’t easy to bend a line into a specific radius let alone making a smooth path.

Have you considered trying a CAD program and saving that drawing as a DXF? Easel will upload a DXF and create the Gcode.

Another alternative is to write the Gcode for an arc. This is harder, but doable. I’m not sure whether easel will accept I’s and J’s in the code though. When I first started this hobby, I had a book on writing code for the cnc as the software wasn’t developed yet.

How to Program Arcs and Linear Movement in G-Code Manually : 32 Steps - Instructables

Grbl V1.1 Quick Reference –

What type of shape/“section of the circle” are you looking to carve?


Brandon R. Parker

I created an arc in autocad and imported it into Easel as DXF once in I was able to node edit to get the correct length; I am using 11.5" radius but I needed to cut off the legs about 3 inch above center.

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