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Project Archiving

Hi Everyone,

We have been testing out a feature for a while that lets you download an archive of your Easel project in a non-Easel-specific format to your computer. This archive can be extracted and imported into another tool, or it could just give you peace of mind that you have a copy of your work that is available outside of Easel.

We wanted to open this feature up for forum users to try out if they’d like. You can learn more about the feature and turn it on or off in your Easel account by visiting the following link:

You can also give us feedback about the feature from the same page.



I just tried it out and I think is a great add-on feature. I wish there was an option to save the projects as dxf too, but hey, is a great start. Thank you guys!!!

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You can import a DXF :slight_smile: thanks to @JelleVanRegen

I mean download the project (archive) as a dxf instead of an svg.

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I have not tried it yet but i like the idea. Good work.

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Major drawbacks to using Easel, now cut in half… love the improvement.

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