Project carving to the left (not centered) and stops half way

Hey guys, So I am brand new to the CNC world and have yet to have one successful trial carve. I am attempting to carve a mock scrabble piece. I am utilizing an 8"x8"x.75" board and have inputted the dimensions. I centered the design and simulated. Everything looks good. Initially I exported a g-code into Candle (Grbl) for my Foxalien router. On each attempt, the machine starts the carve over to the left of center. It then freezes (with spindle in full spin). I have also set up to carve straight from Easel…same results. I noticed on my easel diagram, there is no black dot at the 0,0 XY. I need help because I dont want to get discouraged from the CNC world but I gotta understand how this is going to work.