Project Download Enhancement Request

Simple enhancement request:

When downloading a zip file of my project, it is nicely divided into directories for each workpiece with all of the relevant files, however all of the svgs are named design.svg. This can get a bit confusing when you need to move the files around for specific reasons.

Currently I’m having to rename each file before i move it. It would be nice if the name for the workpiece carried down to the file as well.



I agree with that request, I work on a few different computers and its great that I can access Easel from all of them but when I download zip because I need to make a change all the SVG’s are named design.svg. I have to open them, move them to a folder and rename.
Good Idea Ethan, I hope Inventables is listening!!!


FYI, I’m probably going to write a simple bat or exe that I can use to automatically extract the designs to a new folder and rename all the files at the same time. I’ll update you with the program if / when I get around to it.


Sounds good!!!
Thank You