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Project / Kit idea: Rotery CNC

I will probably upgrade my controller when the new X-Controller becomes available. But that got me thinking as to what I could use the old controller for?
I had the idea of a dedicated rotary CNC machine to do "Wrapped" style CNC. (as opposed to true 4th axis CNC)
Using a simplified X-Carve design, eliminating the Y axis. Having the X axis mounted over a lathe style setup with the Y stepper rotating the work piece.
Except for a Lathe Chuck and Tail Stock holder you should be able to order everything from Inventables.

It just seemed that with all the modification need to setup the x-carve to do rotary carving it might be easier just build a second, dedicated machine. Especially if you happen to have lots of extra parts from various upgrades and modifications already lying around. wink

Just and idea I wanted to throw out there and see if anyone will run with it.

Aaron, I am also interested in having a rotary axis x-carve to engrave and carve round wood pieces. I would like to bounce this off of you. I was thinking of getting another stepper motor and attach it to a chuck or buy a kit off of Amazon, Sunwin CNC F Style A-Axis, 4th-Axis

I was going to set up a A/B switch and switch the feed from the X axis feed to either the normal gantry feed or to the A-Axis feed. Would design my work like a normal flat piece and then use CNCWRAPPER to turn it into a cylinder. My main concern is that the software is going to assign a new axis of "A" when I need it to stay at X. Is that going to be a problem as I cannot see how the proper signals will get to the X-Axis output. Do this make sense? There has to be a way!

Any input would be appreciated. Thanks

Looking at the screen shot of the CNCWRAPPER software I don't think that will be a problem.
It looks like it keeps the same axis info (x,y,z) but just recalculates the g-code so that the designated axis is using rotary motion instead of linear. Which should work fine for the stock XC controller.

Keep us posted on your progress!