Project request - Acrylic

Hoping that someone has some good advice on how to make this! I’ve worked on all kinds of wood but no acrylic or metals. Im thinking about cutting this out in 4 layers and then pouring an epoxy mold.
I’m not sure what feed rate to use or the bit. I’m using cast acrylic.

Any help is greatly appreciated!!!

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Are you cutting acrylic or doing an epoxy fill?
Do you have those colors in acrylic or will you be painting the acrylic?
Cast acrylic cuts pretty easily. Use an O-flute endmill and feed fast. Make sure your endmill is new or sharp and feed faster than you think. If you’re machine can’t handle the speed, reduce the depth of cut… But feed fast.


This design will be trophies, and they will likely be displayed on a table or shelf. I plan to cut it out of colored cast acrylic and it seems easiest to lay it in a mold and pour epoxy. Any suggestions would be helpful. I’m not sure how I would assemble the acrylic in a way that it would stay together long term without an epoxy mold.

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