Project skips location please help

Please help! My name is Dawn and Husband Abraham. We are new to the CNC world and we don’t know how to fix this. We have carved 5 of the same design but it isn’t coming out even. The carve does well until almost the end. Then everything drops down. I went through and made sure all the borders were placed in the correct x or y spots for the entire line on each side. We are using a 90 degree bit. This is a 3018 Pro machine. When it homes at the end the bit is not on the wood at a the left corner. It is off of the material. We are really stumped! I’ve added a picture of the carving and I have added the gcode. Please help! We are selling these at a fair in 30 days. We need this to work!
I was at Dale County Fair (2.1 MB)

I think we figured it out for those who might have the same question. Your material must be very tight clamped down and it must be exactly square on the moving plate! If it is off even a little on one side it moves the images. We did a few successful carves!


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