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Hi all, im very new to this and i have made a couple of bits, ive been using the 60 degree v bit but i am now trying to make a plaque with simple text on bamboo, but no matter what bit i enter my project is blank and only shows up if i choose a v bit, am i doing something wring as i see many others using a variety of bits, wold be really grateful of any help, as im not sure what bit is typically used for what

Carole, I suspect your straight bit diameter stated in Easel exceed the width of your design/lines. If so Easel wont generate a tool path for the area the bit wont fit. V-bit is different and most likely why that show.

Hi Haldor
Thanks for the info, that makes sense I suppose I just have to calculate each time is there a easy way of doing that also I’ve done a lot of reading and can’t find info I need, maybe you could help, if I want to cut a shape out of 9mm MDF what bit would I use to go all the way through the material
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What you need is a design that have an single outline.
Depending on your original artwork and workflow (Easel Image import?) may generate a design with small closed “pockets” or islands. This is where a too large bit will render the design uncarvable unless you use a V-bit (which is an infinite small point and fit “everywhere”)

What kind of bit you could use for 9mm MDF cut through depends on the design, but an 1/8" will go a long way. Monogram project?

Share your Easel project and its easier/faster to give a precise feedback :slight_smile:

Hey yes type of Monogram project, I have 2 flute ballnose bits 3.175 D this would be ok to use? thanks again for all advise, will take it on board and post project
thanks again
Carole :slight_smile:

Ball nose is not ideal, I’d go with straight bit for MDF.
But ball nose will get the job done, to get a clean cut through you need to go 1/16" deeper than 9mm otherwise there will be a flange on the bottom of your cutout.

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share your project so we can see it and guide you through to get you the results you are looking for. Steve