Project wont start after going through carve set up

New User Mac M1 Monterety OS X-Carve Pro 1000mm x 1000mm Dewalt 611 X-controller. and router on/off controller. Z-probe.

I have a simple Circle to practice carve at a shallow depth with an 1/8" upcut.

Everything goes as planned all the way up to the router actually turning on and the program starting.

I have unplugged the router from the controller and it runs perfectly, but still no program running.

bought used, and it worked at the shop.

looking for some help. Thanks

Is it possible that the Z is lifting up into the limit switch during that Z probe sequence?

You can Press Ctrl+Shift+D which opens the Machine Inspector Page to check if any limit switches are active, or if any other Alarm numbers are showing there…

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