Projects I'm most proud of

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Here’s a project I’ve been working on for years but couldn’t have completed without my wonderful X-Carve.

It may be a strange looking contraption - but it works. And that’s what makes me proud of it. With one of these anyone can play a guitar in five minutes - even people without enough fingers or with arthritis, etc. And playing music and singing is such a powerful and important thing for us humans, I’m proud to make it more accessible to everyone… (Can’t seem to be able to put up a photo - how do I do that? Here’s a video instead…)


I lost a finger in 2008 making some legs for my night stands. One of the things I lost was playing the guitar. This really hit home. Thanks for sharing!


That’s pretty neat. Is this something you plan to market and sell, or is it just for your own enjoyment?

Sorry to hear that. Have you tried using an open tuning?

I knew the late Tom Rowe from the State of Maine, formerly part of the musical group, Schooner Fare. Any relation?

Thanks Brad. I’m busy making a few just in case people want to buy them. But they’re not cheap because they’re tricky enough to make, so ideally I’d license the patent to a company who can make them on a bigger scale… (Know any?!)

Nope. Not that I know of anyway.