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PROJECTS Section Clean Up

Is there any way that we can get the PROJECTS section on the Inventables website cleaned up???

There are plenty of “Projects” that are about absolutely Nothing…

Several Projects can be deleted bc there are duplicates.

If possible is there a way to Group files together for the Same Project. There are a few projects that are multiple parts, being able to Group them under one “project” would be convenient

I would like to recommend a way to FLAG the projects, so that the person managing the website can be notified by forum members to check projects that have been flagged and delete or move them to a designated file.

thank you


I agree with michaelgrigg !

I agree also along with the introduction where different companies along with customers can participate in a marketplace of projects section for free designs and paid ones

I agree as well. When I first joined the forum I thought the projects section would be more along the lines of what ontheEDGE mentioned.

Hi Guys,

Do you mean this project section or this project section.

@paulkaplan and @chrisbalin are interested in this discussion because they are thinking about this right now.

The First one.

<img src="//" width=“690” height=“431”>

Now scroll down, many of the projects are nonsense, duplicated or could be grouped together.

Thank you for looking into this

sorry don’t know what happened with the photo upload
on the first photo if you click All Projects at the bottom of the list

now scroll down

I was thinking along the lines of the forum section. Perhaps if it had more subcategories that broke the posts down into first carves, mods, 3D, laser, photo carves etc., just a few a ideas. If not subcategories then a way to filter. There’s a lot of projects when you keep scrolling down but they’re just tedious to find when browsing and you’re not searching for anything specific.

I agree there needs to be some kind of clean up in both, I recently posted about my “1st try at aluminum” it wasn’t really a project just me messing around and trying something but it didn’t fit in any other category.

This projects section I don’t think has bad grouping. At the top you can find some categories. I would expect to get a big list if I click "All Projects. Maybe a few more categories since there is a lot of projects that aren’t in the categorized sections?

However, in the all projects section I have seen a few nonsense projects. Here are a couple What’s up? Just hanging out in class. YOLO :smile: and this one I’m not sure what to do with my hands. -Rick Bobby :joy:. Another with a Redirect link error and 8 entries for this one.

Saw the 8 entry one when I was looking thought the projects my self and I’m not sure how it happened but I think it was due to easel throwing errors when I was creating it. Not even sure on how to delete the duplicates as I cannot find a button.

Yea I’m browsing through now and there are a few other people it looks like that has happened to.

I mentioned this a long time ago. It’s very hard to navigate the project section. At first I was checking it daily. Now I never really bother. A clean up and reorganization would be a good idea.

What do you guys think would be a better way to organize it? Different categories?

The problem with this is from what I can tell someone from inventables has to curate the categories. Not saying there is anything wrong with this but it takes time for this to happen and there is stuff that can be missed. The other problem with this is there are some projects are unable to be sorted because it is totally unique.

If it was me I would add a report button to the project page(This should help to get rid of duplicates and spam).

Then on the home page pull like 5 ~ 10 random(SQL Command) projects. This will at least give some attention to projects that are not sorted into anything.

Also I would also create 2 dynamic categories Projects and Instructions. Projects will just be any project that does not include more than 1 instruction step. Instructions would be ones that include more than one instruction step.

You could still keep the current categories as they are. The above would give a more dynamic sorting of projects. That don’t require any human input.


my opinion on this is to just do some basic clean up to the existing projects that are on here there are alot of duplicate projects and also empty ones

I think that if more projects where put in the different categories that would help also i see alot of projects that should be in there but aren’t

also i see that alot of the older projects are just empty ones you cannot load them into easel what would you think about having a digital market place for paid projects and free ones side by side

I believe a good cleanup of duplicates and projects that are simply pictures with no instructions or files would help a lot. Some extra categories In both the forums and the website would certainly make it easier to navigate and find things. As well as give light to some of the projects that are kind of buried in the “All Projects” with no categories.

Tags for searching, lots of tags. Include material, minimum material size, spindle type, size, and a bunch of tags describing each project. Sometimes I just want to see what I can make with that 11" wide piece of red oak…

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what about some sort of ranking? i think the user’s might help you do the curation by giving kudos or thumbs up to projects they like or that they think are helpful… it could even be a badge of honor on people’s profiles.

with something like that, searching and listing could raise more popular projects to the top… and projects that inventables curates as something they want to feature could have the most weight.

just a thought… i’m a big fan of crowd-sourcing information like this and letting the users do the work.


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I second this.

Much of the work could be done by the community with someone checking in from time to time.