Proper feed rate and bit for white oak?

Anyone have any recommendations for what feed rate and bit should I use for deep cuts in white oak wood? I’m kind of new to CNC cutting, and I was using a 1/8 straight bit at 40 in/min and half way through the first few cuts, my bit broke.
Should I

  1. Speed up feed rate?
  2. Slow down feed rate?
  3. Use a different bit?
    Any suggestions would be great, as I don’t want to break any more bits.

Thank you

What was your depth of cut? Are you using Easel or something like Fusion 360 that can take advantage of adaptive clearing?

@KevinHughes1 What was your depth per pass? 40 ipm doesn’t sound too aggressive in speed to me. But I only use straight bits for skimming. I carve oak often, But with a V Bit and my depth per pass is 1/16" and feed rate is 50imp. When I do my profile pass, I use 1/4" end-mill at 60 imp and depth per pass at 1/8" Rule of thumb, "Never deeper than half the dia. of bit.

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Thanks Sam!

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