PSA about lasers and X-Carve

Inventables does not support the use of lasers on the X-Carve. It is our position that putting a laser on an open frame X-Carve is dangerous. There are 4 risks we see with adding a laser:

  1. Neither X-Carve or Easel were designed for use with lasers.

  2. If there is a malfunction with the direction the laser points it could cause damage or injury.

  3. Operating a laser without proper ventilation could cause toxic fumes to enter the air and potentially be breathed in by the operator.

  4. The laser could start a fire in the material or the wasteboard. Typically laser cutters have metal cases and air assist features to extinguish fires from lasers. X-Carve doesn’t have either.

Our recommendation is that customers should not make this modification to their machine.


Any objections to continue laser discussions in this forum?

he didn’t say anything about plasma torches though :sweat_smile:

Hey @LarryM I think we should pin a post to the thread so it’s clear to new people what Inventables position is on lasers being used on the X-Carve.

Hey @anon68752607 we don’t believe that plasma torches are a safe modification for the X-Carve either :slight_smile:

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I assume this would be #5 on your list as well ? :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree that you needed to make the statement.

I was just wondering if you preferred that we not discuss lasers on the forum.

don’t worry, i’m not there yet :sunglasses:

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I just happen to have a J-Tech section on my site that everyone is welcome to use.

PicEngrave too!

Hey @HalfNormal do you have a section on your site for safety?

There’s a warranty?

I mean, for Carvey, sure. But Xcarve, looks like that’s a no:

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But not everyone does and there’s a lot of people that do things because you do them and they may not be as “street smart”.

Lasers have been talked about here for awhile…I doubt it is a coincidence that this statement was posted a couple of days after you got yours…

As for the car warranty analogy, just because you change A part to aftermarket doesn’t mean the warranty is wholesale null and void. There has to be proof that the aftermarket part caused the problem.

I agree with the PSA…should probably go on product page not in forum. Unfortunately, in these days and time some dumb butt may injure themselves and then try to sue Invent. for not stating the dangers. Just the world we live in

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funny how people think only ‘dumb’ people get injured.

get a 40w laser and use it for a few months. Then we’ll talk again. In fact, I probably can find a ‘whoops what did I do now?’ thread on every one of you.

accidents happen.

Zach can’t keep us from doing what we want, what he can do is cover hiss posterior if people make mistakes and try to put the blame on him and his company. makes total sense tbh.


I love that statment lol @anon68752607

you know when we have all at some point ran that brand new tool into a clamp

programmed the tool to go 14ft through the spoilboard and then start

just finished a nice piece pull it off the machine then trip and drop it on the ground cracking it lol

I think it would be fun to have a thread to post up machining mistakes and blunders alot could be learned by that plus it would keep those times ever present in the mind as to not do it again

Life is strange
I see on You Tube people in USA use table saws without guards all the time ,and that scares the heck out of me.
Yet i would use a laser with my x carve, but Zack’s concerns have merit. No way would i use it if i had kids running in and out or lost my safety googles.
Zack, good to have your opinions on the forum
and nice to know Inventables stance.

The pictures of what your death laser produce just burnt out my eyes. I’m suing you, Inventables, and the sun.

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Well, actually it does. As Inventables has moved to grbl version 1.1f, they have added laser support to their software. Not Easel, but try running the Inventables X-carve without grbl.

They have an official Inventables release of 1.1f of grbl on the Github web site.