PSA - Check all your wires

Thought I would share my weekend of angst to hopefully save others from the same… I was having some issues with my y axis… and did the usual suspects of tightening the wheel, loosening the wheel, re-tightening… plucking the belts, doing a raindance and overall swearing like a pirate. Well, it was at my bleakest of hours, when I saw it. A loose wire. So like a coyote to a chicken, I was on it in no time. Quick fix and off to the races… and this is where I lost my mind.

So, lean in a little more closer kids and listen carefully. When you see one loose wire, there will be more. I guarantee it!

After many hours… head scratchin’… and more swearing… it finally dawned on my to check “alllllll” the wires… and yep, there were a few more that were loose to pull out at the slightest of tugs.

So, moral of the story. Don’t sweat it. There is always an answer. You just have to pose the right problem.

and back to carving we go…

Carry on…


I’m using the ring connector type … same idea. I assume the vibrations over time must cause them to loosen…

A rain dance while swearing like a pirate, there’s a vision!

I dont know if one would cancel the other out though.

Glad to hear you found the problem and it was a simple fix!

You didn’t loctite all your barrier strip screws? :slight_smile:

I mean I didn’t myself but that would be a potential way to keep them from vibrating loose. Since the conductivity isn’t in the screw itself, the electrical properties of loctite shouldn’t come into play, so you could just use a small dab on the end.