PSA: Don't forget to check the E-stop

Just wanted to share this. Sometimes the answer is so simple you really feel dumb when you figure it out. Basically I just took my whole system apart, even tried reloading the grbl hex file (which I couldn’t)trying to figure out why I couldn’t connect to my x-carve only to figure out my E-stop was pressed. Spent about an hour.

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I have definitely done this.


You’d be surprised how many Customer Success calls and emails we receive about this very issue! It justified putting up a short support article about it because it’s the most common connectivity problem with the X-Controller. :nerd:

I’m glad you got it figured out @DouglasSchafer!


I would pay a lot for recording of your face when you finally realized your error lol


Been there… done it … bought the t-shirt and made a video …

Welcome to the club!


I’ve got a question, is it possible to wire the estop wrong? it’s the only thing I didn’t do on this upgrade, my hubby did it. My estop is up but I still don’t have green lights. The fan comes on.

Thanks for any help! Lisa

The green light could be due to the ribbon cable not being properly seated. You can check that to make sure it’s fully seated. The fan is not tied to the Estop and will spin whether the Estop is on or off.

The molex plugs that control the 24VDC cannot be inserted the wrong way (they are keyed from what I recall, either way you’d either break the 24V source or the return which kills power either way) and my power cable assembly already had the Estop wired in and as long as the Estop is assembled properly, you can’t reverse it.

I already opened up the controller this morning to make sure all cables were plugged in tight. I guess next step is to see if electricity is even going to the e stop like someone else suggested