Pulled the trigger!

I was finally able to pull the trigger and place my order!

Now the hard part begins. Waiting for it to ship…

I hear the jingle from an old ketchup commercial, Anticipation, it’s making me wait.

It’s been horrible one more week for me. Good luck.

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What date did you order?

3/25. Wish I had ordered earlier

Haha I ordered the same date, we shall wait together for our X-carve :smiley:

:slight_smile: waiting buddies I have so much ready to make ugggg

I do too, still need to make a table for it, and already have a couple dozen projects already designed and g - code made up for it… the day it comes I’m calling out sick from work

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My poor half not entirely square mangled kitchen table. At least the top is level and flat

If I may ask what size did you order and what spindle/trim router are you using? Default 300 watt spindle or dewalt trim router

The 1000 and yea the default it’s in my backyard I really don’t want to ■■■■ my neighbors off too bad I’m really interested in their 110v 600w spindle

I am too, I’m going to upgrade later when I have the money or when I actually need it, which ever comes first. And I got the 100 mm version too with nema 23 motors and acme rod

There is a 100 mm version available? Cool! For the really small stuff. But I think he NEMA 23’s a a bit of overkill. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I also ordered the 1000 mm wIth the 23’s and acme rod I dont think i’ll want to go back to the colt router from a noise standpoint for one and it being a universal motor, I have a bit of concern about lifespan if running alot of larger projects. I’m hoping the spindle will be significantly quieter. I tend to work on other things while the cnc does it’s thing, that is when I’m not being hypnotized watching it go…

Haha sorry I meant 1000 mm kit, ordered some other things such as different materials and carbide bits, I want to make an edge finder, so I could square up stock easier then just eye balling or do like a microscope mode with a cross hair image to zero the x/y axis ’ s

You machine shipped before mine :’( but hopefully my shipping confirmation will arrive soon, I’m excited :smiley: