Pully broke? Anyone experience this?

So I was running my machine when it went to start the cut and it slipped, then I heard metal hit the waste board. It seems that the belt is/was rubbing on the guiding wheels and pully somehow causing it to snap off. Has anyone experienced this?

I am trying to buy a new one and some belt now, but which pully do I get? How many teeth?

I think I got the right belt and pully. We will see when it gets here. Guess I just sit on my hands and wait.

Check your Y rails if they are parallel everywhere, that was my issue that caused that. Measuring diagonal distance between plates to see if it is square, might give you some clues to.
You can take the metal round part and pulley and pop it right in (remove of the shaft first). Be gentle, I used big wood clamp to press it back in.
Also inspect the inner edge of belt for potential damage done, if you see any loose fibers, ho order spare cos it might snap soon.
Good luck !

Yup haha - Ordered.

Did that, I also ordered a new one as well. Just incase.

Everything is square and what not, Now I am just working on realigning each side since circles are cutting out of shape