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Purchase acme Delrin nut separately

Hi, with my x-carve upgrade kit coming soon I'm finding a use for all my extra parts ill have that's getting replace. Planning on making a "printoko."

Anyways, for my build I need a longer acme rod than usual (getting that from mcmaster) but I don't like any of the nuts they have for it and would prefer to use the one inventables provides but I can't purchase the nut separately in the store. Anyone can help me out on this?

As soon as all pre-ordered X-Carves have shipped virtually everything will go on sale as a separate item.

Try parts store. I've bought 8mm acme thread nuts from then before. Another source might be IMService Even if they don't show it on their website, they sell them in their Ebay store and stock them. I also buy acme screw from them - great prices and best product for money.

Here it is: