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I’m about to purchase the 1000mm X-Carve but want to post some questions before I pull the trigger. I have virtually no CNC experience but come from a woodturning background. That said, a friend recommended I get the complete upgrade kit for the x-carve, belts, gantry, motors etc. any thoughts? How about bit kits? Any other recommendations? Appreciate it in advance. P

You can start with the stock XCarve. The upgrade is an excellent but not necessary unless budget is not an issue. As far as bits, you will need 60 and 90 degree vbits. You will also need 1/8 straight bits. I also recommend 1/16 and 1/8” downcut and upcut bits. By the way, congratulations on making the move to the CNC world

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Thanks for the feedback, truly appreciate it!

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