Puzzle App Problems

So I was working on a project for mothers day for my wife, I know I got sick and the project is early for next year now, and I have noticed a strange issue. I import an icon to use, in this case a Heart, mark it as an outline and then use the Puzzle App. If I use the heart as a Fill it leaves it as a Fill so I am not sure why or when it changes. I also notice as soon as I put it it in the puzzle app sometimes it switches my Outline into a fill. I noticed the same thing importing another image, it seems to be making whatever i try make a puzzle it pulls the Negative.

Here is an Example:


Hi Ramon,

Are you trying to make a puzzle of a heart outline?

The way the app is designed right now, it only works with filled shapes. You could probably create a thinly filled heart outline and you might have better results with that.


Here’s an example of that:


That’s a good idea Jeff thanks for the catch.