Puzzle Bench

I am looking to make a puzzle piece bench/table/seats. I am not sure how I will be able to cut it out on the x-carve. I am not sure if the puzzle generator is able to do what I want. I want the pieces to orient in 3 different ways, in a square (2x2), bench (1x4) and 4 individual stools. I’m looking to make it 3ft x 3ft when it is square. Attached is a drawing that may help visualize this.

Any tips, tricks, or help with the design would be helpful.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Joshua,

Have you tried the Puzzle Designer app?

If you draw a rectangle with your desired dimensions and then select it and open the puzzle designer, you’ll be able to adjust how many rows and columns you want in the puzzle.

The puzzle is normally used to construct a design when the pieces are assembled. Since you don’t want a design, you just want the pieces, after you import the puzzle, choose “Edit / Select By Cut Type / Fill” to delete the fill shapes and just leave the piece outlines.

You could cut the top a few different ways… first is to cut them all out of one piece with an 1/8" bit. then there will be a little play with the pieces. set the cut as cutting on the lines.

The other way would be to design each individual piece and cut them out separately. this would make the pieces fit better but could be effected by the finish.