PVC board from Lowes and paint

Going to get some to do a couple of outdoor projects because of it being more weather resistant. Just wondering if anyone is painting their PVC board carvings, and if so any special process besides just scuffing with sandpaper? Also what type of paint?

I too wondered how this stuff cuts. From the side it looks a bit pourous. Maybe an alternative to mdf for the wasteboard too if you have lots of temp/humidity changes?

I have used the rustolium plastic primer spray paint. It seems to work pretty well.

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I bought some of the PVC board to experiment with. Made some picture frames for a local event. The stuff machines beautifully. I can’t speak to whether it is porous. I will say however, that it is the MESSIEST material I’ve ever carved! It’s been a month and I’m still finding little white plastic flakes. I think it has something to do with the static charge it creates.

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Can’t hurt to give it a try. I’ll probably buy a couple boards and test some things out in the next few weeks when I get closer to caught up on other orders I have.

Lowel’s also has some “Choice Deck” composite decking planks. About 11" wide 3/4 thick.
They mill very nicely, but are pretty heavy.
I have used it to make outdoor dog furniture.

That composite deck material is awesome, a bit expensive though. I’ve used it before on some projects with good success.