PyCam Autocad

Hello everyone
I have a small CNC and I am thinking buying a Carve X to have a larger work area.
I already have quite a few files that I don’t want to lose, does anyone know if the X Carve works with G code generated by PyCam?
I also have many models in DXF and STL created in AutoCAD 2013. It is possible to import these files to the EASEL?
Thanks, Vasco Reis

Currently Easel only allows SVG and JPG files to be imported. Inventables is constantly upgrading Easel so it may accept other files in the future but for now your DXF and STL files cannot be used in Easel.

The gcode must be Grbl compatable to work on the Easel

Not good news … especially not accepting STL because I have already so much work done.

Thanks, Vasco

You can use a g-code sender to drive the x-carve.
Chilly Pepper or Universal G-Code Sender
Though you will probably need a updated post-process for grbl to generate the code.
There is a download link for one for VCarve Pro on the software page. You may want to take a look at it and see what needs to be set for your own software.

Easel may eventual support importing of G-Code

Now what easel accepts g-code, has anyone figured out a way to export from pycam in the format that easel accepts?