Quality Control @ Inventables needs attention!

Arghh I ordered 12 x 6 x 3/4 inch hardwood for cribbage board orders;
3 Cherry
3 Walnut
3 Maple
2 Padauk

Both pieces of Padauk have mill marks and 1 of the 2 has over 1/4 inch of twist in it. It is useless unless I run it through a planer and make some expensive sawdust. FYI Padauk is $12.99 each for 12x6x3/4.

The rest of the hardwood (Cherry, Walnut and Maple) are very flat, properly milled and clean on all edges.

They were stacked on top of each other in the box so whoever packed this shipment either was half asleep or didn’t care. It rocked back and forth so much it was audible when I unpacked the box. If they cut Padauk at Inventables the saw operator should have seen the twist.

To ship this back will take over half an hour of my time to box it up and take it to UPS and then pay shipping costs.

When you are paying $12.99 each + shipping for a 12" piece of hardwood you expect it to be danged near perfect. At the very least I was expecting to hear that they were shipping a replacement and to keep the unusable piece. That was never offered.

The lack of quality control cost me time and money.

Emailed them twice. With pictures

The order was packed at Inventables.

Going off my own experience and things i have read on the forum, inventables normally go out of their way to sort problems etc.

I would be surprised if they don’t make this right satisfactorily

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Paduk is $7 per linear foot with the same dimensions. That’s the surfaced/sanded “scroll saw” wood. The unfinished “intarsia” wood is a bit cheaper and what I prefer.

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Thanks Edgar!
I am also looking at Woodcraft. I have dealt with them before when we lived in Atlanta. Prices are about the same and free shipping when over $100. Sadly we have no woodworking stores in Myrtle Beach so it is all mail order for me now… Guess I need to plan a wood shopping trip up to NC.

They emailed an offer for a refund without needing it returned to them.
I was expecting that on the first e-mail…
I filled out a survey and that seemed to get their attention.
I still have concerns about their QC @ Inventables.

I have said this before and I will say it again. Inventables is one of maybe three or four companies that have outstanding customer support, both via email and phone. They have helped me out on numerous occasions. I can’t say enough nice things about the staff from Inventables. They are top notch. If you need anything I would try and work it out with them, before posting anything negative.


warp is inherent to wood.
Every woodworker will tell you they love the material because it ‘lives’.
it could have warped during shipping. It can warp only after you cut it due to internal stress.
I understand your frustration but it kind of is something you have to accept when you work with woods.

Absolutely a factor to keep in mind. Sudden changes in ambient temp./humidity can warp wood real quick.

But it sounds like Inventables have taken care of you :slight_smile:

Not intending to be bashing or anything but with the volume of e-mail Inventables gets, they may simply have not gotten to yours before you made a second attempt. That said, the offer of a refund without a return speaks volumes. Most other companies would want the product back or make you jump through some hoops to get that kind of response.
As others have stated in other terms, wood is dynamic and responsive to it’s environment. Humidity is the biggest factor and there is certainly more of it in Myrtle Beach than inside a warehouse on Chicago. Chances are if you let that board set for a time where air can circulate freely around it,it will eventually come back into a nearly flat condition, or at least improve.
Here in northern MN, I can lay a 6"x 8"x1/4" thick peice of cedar on the bench before a spike in humidity and come back after the weather shift and it will resemble a potato chip but not taste as good.
You mentioned packaging but gave no description. This could be a valid concern depending on the circumstances and individuals involved. but wood is commonly shipped in direct contact since typically it will be machined further before it meets it’s final form. And yes, Padauk is crazy expensive.

Happy wood butchery, :wink:

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Unfortunately, a couple of days in a hot UPS truck could have easily done that. Never hesitate, to contact CS.

Find some straight boards to sandwich it and put a couple of gallon paint cans on it for a few days. I bet it will stabilize.

I know I once bought some bubinga from WoodCraft. It was dead nuts straight. I got it home and ran it through the table saw twice and I had three pieces that looked like one of those decorative wrought iron fence rails. The internal stresses in those dense woods is crazy. Looked like this

I did e-mail back and forth with them twice BEFORE I started this thread. I guess I didn’t make that clear.
Yes, they have very good support in most cases.
I bet you get extremely good support :slight_smile:

When my 1000mm spoil board was received cracked with mangled ends they handled it extremely well. They shipped another at no cost and I was not required to pay to ship it back. That is why I was so suprised at how this was handled.
After I filled out a bad survey (3rd interaction with them on this issue) they e-mailed back to say they will refund or replace without asking me to ship it back. Paying UPS $15 to return ship a single $13.00 piece of wood was not going to happen.
If they had offered that in the first place I would have been singing their praises AGAIN.

In the end they are promising to make this right by me. I have yet to see the refund but they said it was in process.

Did 1 piece of wood in middle of 8 other perfectly flat pieces warp in shipping ? Possibly but I think their supplier shipped them some badly cut wood and whoever packed it didn’t do the final QC step. The next 2-3 customers that ordered it might let them know or just write it off and pick another vendor which is what I should have done in retrospect. This was test, I needed some Maple, Walnut and Cherry blanks for cribbage board orders so the Padauk was added to see how good it was.

For the last 12 years (I am now retired for the second time) I worked in Tech Support at the #1 customer rated Industrial Automation Controls company in the US. We never asked a customer to pay to return a defective product for refund or replacement. If we wanted to see a defective product or needed to send it back to our supplier, we arranged shipping for them. It was a standard practice. Is that expensive for a business ? Not as expensive as a lost customer.

Thanks Guys,
With that, I am outta here.

Hello all I need help. I bought a 1000x1000 mm kit and it’s missing pieces the rep promised me overnight delivery but that was a lie. I’ll be lucky to have the missing parts by Monday more likely Tuesday since I live near a train and mondays are Heavy rail days. I just want to send it back and buy a glowforge instead. If it’s this hard to build the thing and have all the parts I paid for then what is going to be the next thing with investables.

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