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Question about 3018


Complete newbie here. I have a 3018 and I’m working on my first test. Actually 2nd test. The problem I’m having is the the spindle stays about 1-2 inches above the wood when it’s carving. I’ve run through all the tests, everything looks fine, I hit carve then this problem.

The first test worked. I just did a quick very thin cut into the wood so I can make fine adjustments with the measurements and now this issue.

I even tried doing it over in a new project thinking i changed something and just didn’t see it. Same issue over and over.

Thank you in advance for any help/advice you all can offer. I’ll do my best to answer any questions as I really am a newbie with CNC.


Is you 3018 calibrated? As in 10mm jog command actually = 10mm travel?
How do you set your work zero?


First, thank you for responding. Yes, i measured and 10mm moves 10mm. With set the work to zero, do you mean when I’m getting ready to carve am I moving it to the bottom left corner and bringing it down until I feel it touch the board? If so then yes.

How are you generating your gcode?
Can you share the gcode?

Everything through easel. I hope I’m sharing this correctly. This was just a simple test to get more accurate measurements. I’ll be cutting out a rectangle with 3 holes.

Can you post your grbl settings?
In the machine inspector, send $$ in the console.