Question about T-slot Installation Easel Setup Step

Hi Inventables community!

I’m setting up our X-carve Pro (4x4) here, and I got to the step in Easel where I install the T-slot Wasteboard.

I am confused though. The instructions say

Instal 6 M5x16 SHCS through each t-slot track into the crossmembers and tighten using your torque wrench w/ 4mm hex bit set to 4.5N*M.

However the photos and video show m5x16 BHCS.
Link to photo

It turns out I somehow don’t really have enough of either to do every single one. There are 6 tracks, so I would need 36 of one screw, or am I supposed to mix them for this step?

I don’t want to screw this up ( :wink: ) so I’m tentatively waiting to set it up.

thanks for any help!


Sorry, Just to be clear- and I can’t seem to edit it again-

Do I use Button Head, or Socket Head Screws for the T-Slots for the wasteboard?

I have 6 Track Pieces, so 36 screws total. The Instructions feel a little unclear to me.


Wanted to update in case anyone else is looking for this. The written instructions (to use Socket head screws) is correct, and the updated video hasn’t been uploaded yet. So follow the written instructions!


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