Question about Vcarve inlay

I am trying my first big vcarve inlay with Vcarve and the clearance/pocket pass but ran into a problem.

The first pocket pass was with a 1/8" bit, and the second with a 90deg V bit.

Any ideas why it left the ridge and the material at the bottom of the pocket in the picture? It left the same ridge in almost every pocket and on all sides. The only place it didn’t is where the clear out bit didn’t go and it was only the V bit that cleared.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for the info! I’ll go through the machine again and check it. I think the board was flat but I’m not sure about the waste board. I just ordered a bit to surface the waste board as well.

Ironically I am playing with xcarve inlays again for a project. 1st off if it has this ridge all around the part that is usually a sign that when you did your bit change you did not get them both to the same z. Granted that much difference is a little odd since it looks to be about .02 inches off.

But on the plus side if the inlay is goin in that location it shouldn’t matter. Since when you do a vcarve inlay you leave a gap a little larger then that between the male and female parts to assure a good fit and to give a place for glue to go when you clamp it together. If you haven’t yet get a good z height probe so your z position is spot on.