Question on cutting out stars

I have been attempting to cut out the stars for a flag that I am making and having some issues. This is where I’m at now. I designed and duplicated the 50 stars to be cut into walnut on the flag. I then changed the settings to cut out 50 additional stars from a piece of maple, cutting on the outside of the line. The idea was for the 50 stars cut out from the maple to be inserted into the 50 stars that were cut into the flag. What I find is the points of the stars cut into the walnut on the flag are a little rounded, but the points on the stars cut out of the maple are pointed. I have tried it with a 1/32 and 1/64 bit. Does anyone have any advise to make these stars identical so the maple stars will fit tightly into the stars cut out of the walnut?

Is that app in Easel?

Definitely inlay app

Your issue is that a rotating cutting tool can’t make a sharp inside corner, but can make a sharp outside corner. So your pocket point are rounded at the ends where your inlay points are sharp, it will be just the opposite situation for the inner corners of the stars. The pocket will be sharp and the inlay will have a radius.

The inlay app solves all this!

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