Question on first v carve test

So I am new to the x carve family. I decided to try out a v carve test the other day and all the lines look ok but inside the letters in the bottom didn’t turn out as smooth. Any tips or pointers you could send my way on what might be the issue would be great. I used easel to do the carving

I’m new to the whole V Bit world, but is your Vbit step over set to 1%? (machine settings/advanced)

Thanks for the reply. I forgot to mention that I did the designing, positioning and toolpaths using Vcarve pro. I then sent to x carve using easel (still working on trying to figure out UGS). Here is pic of tool settings for the bit.

Thanks for the tips, I’ll give that a try.

Run a second finishing pass and you’ll be good to go

@KevinScott thanks for the help.
So I do that with the v bit I used in the carving correct?
How do I set up the tool paths where it will only do a finishing pass?

well see, there is why I should keep my noob advice to myself lol, speaking of noob, I’ve just been running at 1% for everything Vbit related, pointed or flat, its of course been making my carves take longer but there are no burrs or lines in any of the letters or graphics, running everything at 1% on my really simple carves has stopped the need for a clean up pass on some occasions as well. But since you mention that’s only needed for flat v bits its probably not the fact that I run my pointed v bits at 1% and actually something else I’m not aware of. lol.

thank you for the clarification

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