Questions regarding 1000mm Assembly

I’m close to starting my build for my 1000mm x-carve, as the parts are beginning to arrive :D. However i have read through many issues and tips/tricks regarding the assembly. So many that i’m afraid i’ll forget them as i build. Are these tips/tricks usually added to the instructions? Or is there a ‘sticky’ for them?

Also, I have to custom build a bench for the 1000mm x-carve. What dimensions for the top surface do I need (including electonronics)? And will the bench be rigid enough if i put heavy duty castors beneath it? This is so i can pull the bench out to get to the back of the machine. However i’m worried it’ll lose stability.

i made the top of my cart 48x48 (half sheet of mdf from menards) there is plenty of extra space for electronics although i have mine mounted under the top on a shelf

also i have the cart on casters, no problem i built it out of 2x4s its plenty sturdy

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Like BadWolf says, 2X4 frame is strong enough. But you have to work for Level surface carefully, it’s got to be no tolerance level surface before installing X-Carve. What I did is, mistakenly I used 3/4" plywood for the top, wait about a month for X-Carve to arrive. My surface was horrible. I had to disassemble again. After level it, I put half of sheet 3/4" good MDF on it. I don’t know if you order waste board, I didn’t and I used 1 sqmeter from other half of the MDF.
Before you install your X-Carve you may want to go over posts and read about Belt problems. That’s what we had problems at the beginning. Pay attention V-Pulley alignments, all that matters. Anything comes to your mind as a question mark, put keywords to search section on the forum, you’ll get your answers. Good luck.