Quick Change Chucks for X-Carve Pro

Does anyone know of a quick change chuck for the X-Carve Pro?

I discovered a source that makes quick change clucks for many models of routers and the owner of the company( Musclechucks.com), Joe DeRosa, says he can produce a chuck for my X-Carve Pro if there is enough interest from other owners or Inventables. This chuck literally only takes seconds to change a bit, using only a T handle Allen wrench. Watch their videos on their website if you don’t believe me. I have zero interest in the company but do have one of their chucks on my router table and would love one for my X-Carve Pro. Please let me know if you might be interest for one for your machine too.

I would really like to see that. Face it, who really likes changing bits .

Then we have to lobby Inventables to collaborate with DeRosa Engineering or poll other owners to indicate their desire to purchase for their machines when available. Did you watch the videos at Musclechuck.com? I think you will be impressed.

This isn’t the first time this has come up…I don’t think there’s as much interest as you do.

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You may be correct but I can’t understand why something that speeds up the overall process isn’t more readily adopted by those who are trying to make either a living or extra money. As an engineer who has saved companies millions through process improvement I saw the time savings immediately. Any idea why more woodworkers aren’t interested? Appreciate response’s. Thanks

My guess would be that woodworkers are generally pretty adept at changing cutters in a trim router. Time savings wouldn’t be that significant.
I see this more as an adaptive/assistive technology.
Real time savers in CNC routing come from ATCs, innovative work holding solutions, and improvements in CAD & CAM programs.

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I am BRAND NEW to CNC and XCarve Pro, so I cannot say whether or not I would be interested. I watched the videos, and I’m intrigued. I WANT ONE if it can be adapted to my Robland X-31 mortising attachment (I wrote the company to inquire), but have no idea if it would be of practical use for me for the XCarve Pro as I have not had a change to get much experience changing bits yet to see if this is a sticking point for me, and/or if I believe that it would save enough time to justify the purchase (they are not cheap.
That said, I’m really glad that you mentioned it, I will be keeping it in mind, and thinking about as I gain experience, so Thank you Joseph


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There is now an answer to my question. Musclechuck.com just posted on their website they have chucks for both the Mikita router for the x-carve and the spindle for the x-carve pro. Awaiting delivery of my x-carve pro chuck(which accepts 3/8” shaft bits) and collets for the 1/4” and 1/8” shaft bits. Can’t wait to try them out,

Accidentally deleted above, just said, let us know how it goes Joseph.