Quick disconnect Wiring upgrade

I had just finished my x build when I realized that if I were to ever need to service the power supply or to even just clean it or better yet move it i would have to disassemble all the wiring first. Now the wires themselves are shielded 18/4 which is too stiff to work with but I wont get into that now. My point is that I needed a way to be able to remove the sensitive electronics safely and quickly.
And so i present to you my idea… Its a method for quick disconnect, stress barrier for the sensitive g-shield, and is so worth the time it took me to set it up.

Here is a breakdown with links.

Steppers on mechanical side:
I used the included wire system x-c provided (although I am thinking of replacing stepper wiring with 18/4 non-shielded as shielded is a bit too stiff to work with). My reasoning for using the included kit is that I would not be doing much adjustments to the motors therefore why bother messing with a good thing. Plus the screw terminals are easy enough to deal with if need be and I don’t foresee much stress on the stepper wires or terminal blocks.
X, Y, and Z, all terminate with a 4pin male waterproof (overkill) connector.
5 for $13us http://amzn.com/B00MZWX6H0

Limits on mechanical side:
I only soldered the z and did a loop through for x,y and heat shrunk them all.
X, Y, and Z, all terminate with a spade connector.
175 Pcs Kit $16us http://amzn.com/B017BEYKU8

Steppers on electrical side:
X, Y, and Z, all terminate with a 4pin female waterproof (overkill) connector.
Waterproof connectors are wired to a 12 pole terminal block, which in turn is wired to the g-shield. I used Velcro to attach it to the g-shield housing for strain relief.
2 Pcs Terminal $4.70us http://amzn.com/B005DJJGSK
2"x15’ Velcro $21.58us http://amzn.com/B00006RSP1

First off I will admit it right off the bat… I WASTED SO MUCH G.D. TIME MESSING WITH THOSE INCLUDED G.D. CRIMPS AND G.D. CONNECTORS EVEN WITH THE G.D. OVERPRICED PIECE OF G.D. JUNK CRIMPING TOOL. Phew. I nearly exploded there… Anyways moving on to my solution…

Limits on electrical side:
I did indeed use the wire crimps that x-c included but I did not put it into the piece of junk they call a connector. Instead I Crimped them and covered them with heat shrink and terminated (think Arnold) them into the second terminal block.

Then from the block terminal I connected the female side of the spade terminal and also heat shrank them.

SummitLink 328 Pcs Assorted Heat Shrink Tube 5 Colors 8 Sizes Tubing Wrap Sleeve Set Combo
$7us http://amzn.com/B00LVFDLUO
uxcell® 5 Pcs Micro Limit Switch Roller Arm Subminiature SPDT Snap Action LOT
$6.58 http://amzn.com/B00DUYU72E


This gives me ideas. (ooh, that’s scary!)

For the steppers what about the flat four conductor quick disconnects used for trailer lights?

The wire coloring would be different but the last time i checked electrical current was color blind anyway.

I used 4 connector XLR connectors for the motors, 1/4" headphone plugs for the limit/homing switches and another 1/4" headphone plug for the Z-Axis zeroing plate.

Works great and everything disconnects from the enclosure if I need it to.

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I kind of wanted water, dust, tug,(children pets and parents) and vibration proof connection. And also the limit i don’t care too much about because its used only once for a short while.