Quick mini casket gift

We have a co-worker who is getting married so we decided to decorate his office with a funeral theme.

I threw together some scraps to make the coffin and glued up a panel for the lid.

For the lid I used a Game of Thrones House Stark Sigil and downloaded a game of thrones font to get the wording right in vcarve Carve took about 20 minutes and then hit it with some dark spraypaint and a sanding.
Our friend is really into game of thrones and westerns so I figured the pine box would work out just great. All together with glue and brad nails. Threw in some rope handles and I have about 4-5 hours total into this thing. Was pretty fun. And my wife was eyeballing it already for Halloween decorations… Looks like I might need to make another…


Hamster caskets!!! Thats a great idea… We had to bury a fish the other day in the back yard with our kids. A little mini casket would have been a great little touch. I’ll keep this in mind next time.

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I did a nice Toe Pincher style wall hanging glass jar and candle holder last year (pre heavy xcarve usage) may need to revisit since it is coming up and all…