Quick Pewter Casting

Just thought I’d show off one of my pewter castings created in part with my X-Carve.
Still need to hone in my Y axis a bit, but am happy with the results.


That looks very nice!


That looks great! Do you just melt the pewter and and pour it into the cutting?

Super easy Robert Cannon, and well worth it for things.

Yep, I used a second flat piece of mdf for the back, put in a pour hole, melted the pewter down in a stainless ladle with my hand torch, and poured, let cool seperated and hammered out the casting.

Very cool man, well done! I’m finding that the only major barrier in making projects is your imagination!

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Wow, now I have about a 1,000 new items to put in my to do list!


Next time you do one of these, I’d love to see a video of the process.

Really nice work.

woaaaa very nice job !!!

Hey all,

I recasted and took video of the process. This one will require more cleanup and shows how few castings you can get out of MDF, this was about the 5th one.

You can really tell by the sprue location from the pic posted to the one in the video.


As you wish

really cool. I would have never thought about doing this, but now I am.

Thanks for giving me more things to rack my brain with. :smile:

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OK, that was awesome. How am I ever going to find the time to try all these things?! Thanks for sharing.

Just curious - where did you buy the pewter?

I bought the pewter from the thrift store. It was a candy dish once upon a time :slight_smile: there are places on ebay that sell ingots of pewter, guaranteed lead free, so that’s a good bet where thrift store is a crap shoot.

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How big is this casting?

The casting is roughly 5" x 5"

Excellent project. keep an eye out for one of these; Palmer hotpot 2. It keeps white metal at optimal temps

read my mind JDM. wham bam, one hand.
That’s nice, cast pot.

What’s inthe bag? My neighbor has one, but he uses lead for his (boolits) but he swears by his.
So much easier, safer, long run economical to boot.