Quiet cut spindle issue

Hi, i install a relay too My quiet cut spindle,
I am using grbl 0.9 and soldiered pin 11 ,ground and 5 volt to My Gshield .

When i use the command m05 its turn the spindle on , and m03 turns the spindle off in ugs, and do the same in easel,
I do not use the exact relay that sold by inventables, but i think the one that i use should bee working the same way.

is there Any way i can change so when i use command m03 the spindle starts ?

Check the characteristics of your relay. Some of the lower cost relays available at places like Amazon (blue case) use negative logic which means that a high level signal to the relay turns them off and a low level signal to the relay turns them on.

The “normal” grbl build uses positive logic for the PWM pin where a logic low is off and a logic high is on.

i found this relay in My local shop,

But before i find this relay , i
Bought the relay from inventables , but its not arrived yhet,
I just did not wants too wait 2-3 weeks before it arrives.

So it can bee the relay thats not working as it should for Theese application ?

When the relay and other stuff from inventables arrived i see if that Will bee ok.

This is the relay i uses now ,
Can you see if this relay is ok or not ?

It should be ok, but as you noted above the on/off function will be backwards.

Thank you for answered,
I switch the cables , and now it reacts on the right commands i think,
Another problem i have With the relay is that i hear some ticking noice
I think is from the stepper motor.it seems as it is moving a little little bit
When the spindle is coming on and after that i still hear the ticking noise from the stepper motor.