Quiet shop vacs?

Has anyone here looked into or purchased a quieter shop vac for use in dust collection? I built an acoustic cabinet, but it’s pretty huge and I think I’d rather look into getting a proper shop vac instead. Not the mention it killed my shop vac after a year of use, just too much heat inside there. So, can anyone share their experiences? Any decent reasonably expensive solutions out there?

There are numerous discussions on this topics. Try “search”. A quick summary would be that dust collection systems are much quieter than any shop vac

Yeah I read those. I have a dust collection system already in my shop, but I prefer the static pressure of a shop vac. The only suggestion I found for shop vac in the threads was the Ridgid I’m getting rid of do to being too loud, coincidentally.

Yes, shop vac are very noisy. I really don’t know of any that are quiet. Have you looked at the canister type vacs used in a home. I have one that is very quiet have never thought of using it in the shop. It might be a good alternative

The Fein Turbo is supposed to be among the quietest shop vacs. I have never used one so I can’t verify, they are pricey. I just use my 2HP Harbor Freight Dust Collector.

Mount the vac outside the shop and run a suction hose through the wall.

I have considered that, or mounting it above my shop, but I’m in a residential area, not really a good option for me since a lot of my work is in the evening.

Maybe I should look into that, thanks!

I’m in the same boat as you here, so interested in any other ideas. Running my giant central vac for it seems overkill and creates a lot of noise and seems excessive. Wear the big expensive thing out.

In an earlier thread, people recommended using a router speed limiter on a normal shop vac to have it run quieter with just as much power as you need to capture a bit of fine dust.

I broke down and got a Festool CT Midi Dust Extractor — paired it with an Oneida Ultimate Dust Deputy and it’s wonderfully convenient.

Yep … the Harbor Freight thing is what I referenced earlier up. Blew the fuse for my big Jet central vac, though. Wrong motor type, I think?

I attack a second hose to the vac exhaust and run it out the shop door helps some.
I also place a Vortex bucket between the C-Carve and the vac. Helps save vac filter

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It is my considered opinion that small shopvacs and bathroom fans are loud on purpose, so we think they sound powerful. Same with hairdryers and consumer heatguns.

I have a heatgun, a paint stripper hot air tool from the hardware store that I use on heatsshrink tubing… It is very loud. My coworker has a commercial hot air gun made specifically for heatshrink tubing. It is so quiet, you can barely tell it is on.

When I went looking for a replacement for my bathroom vent fan, I checked out CFM and noise ratings. Lots of loud fans with good CFM ratings for residential installation. But the fans meant for hotels and motels were very quite in spite of similar CFM ratings.

They can make dust collection systems that are quiet, and canister vacuums for household use that are quiet. I think because in the case of a vacuum in your home, many people want to be able to hear the TV while vacuuming. In the case of the dust collection system, woodworkers installing these are more interested in specs than in how powerful it =sounds=.

It would be interesting to 3D print different blade shapes for the impellers, to find a quiet but high CFM configuration.


I have the Fein. Wonderful vac. Recommended! The cloth filters are expensive, but worth the money. The machine is top notch. Wonderful suction, and quiet.



Good to here, your thoughts on this, I have been researching the shop vac option and have found lots of mixed opinions on these, but online seems to be the best option for getting a good deal looking at a portable shop vac there Dbs is around 60/70 so thinking not too loud.

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