Rabbet on drawers with 1/2” plywood and 1/4” bit incorrect

Really loving the software and have been cutting cabinets with 3/4 ply and 1/4” compression bit.

Set the drawer material for 1/2” and cut the drawers on cnc with 1/4” bit. The groove for the bottom was correct but the rabbet grooves were cut at a depth appropriate for 3/4” ply rather than 1/2”. (If the rabbet depth is intended to be 50% of the board thickness. )
Is the default for drawers 3/4”? I saw a recent update for calculating cutting drawers with 1/4” bit. Just want to use the proper wood and bit size.

Did you set the material for the drawers? On the main all cabinets page, you can choose material type. There’s a checkbox to allow you to have different materials for the box, drawers, shelves, drawer & door fronts.

By default, all materials are the same type & thickness. I reduced the drawers and shelves to 1/2", and cabinet backs to 1/4".

It might be good in the future when starting a job if Inventables added a small wizard to verify the defaults for the project-wide settings.

Yes. Set everything to 3/4 plywood except for drawers which I set for 1/2 birch. Board layout for drawers under Manufacture tab says 1/2”.

Profile cuts were correct depth but all the drawer cut depths (grooves and rabbets) were too deep.

The groove in the front and back of drawer was the correct width for 1/2” board though, so only the partial z depth cuts (which should be 50%) were cut too deep. They would have been correct for 3/4”, but of course the profile would have been too shallow and groove width would have been too narrow. So it’s an inconsistency in the rabbet carve only.